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The Narberth Family Medicine Podcast

Jul 31, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Andrew Lipton talks about what causes indigestion and leaky gut, and discusses other gut issues such as food allergies and food sensitivity.



  • Understanding indigestion and leaky gut
  • Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivity
  • Effects of long standing digestive issues


And many more! Make sure you listen to the entire episode.


Show Notes:

[0:00:59.1]  What is considered as ‘indigestion’?

[0:01:14.2]  Understanding allergic reactions to food

[0:02:15.0]  How indigestion happens

[0:03:34.3]  The effects of long-standing digestive issues to other parts of the body

[0:03:50.7]  The difference between food allergies and food sensitivity

[0:04:41.2]  Food sensitivity testing

[0:05:54.5]  What diet is best for leaky gut?

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